For Schools

In schools we are currently offering courses for students from classes 3 and up.

Innovation Labs

A state-of-the-art advanced Innovation Lab will be set up in schools associated with us which will be a cradle of innovation for the students. Our experienced faculty (BTech and MTech holders) work with students as friends and mentors rather than teachers. The classes are designed to engage the students fully thereby acting as a stress buster from their academic pressure. Though our primary focus is technology, our classes are extremely interactive and promote creativity and analytical problem-solving. We strive to help our students realise their true inner potential by encouraging them to think creatively and innovatively. We understand their interest in technology and help nurture it better by exposing them to global technology advancements. This eventually becomes a key in helping them make better and informed educational and career choices.

Career Guidance

With a plethora of choices out there and immense opportunities in every field, it is easy for a young mind to get confused about the career path that they want to pursue in life. We provide an aptitude test for our students that accurately and scientifically narrows down their areas of interest and helps them figure out a career that best suits their interests. This is followed by counselling sessions with the students that helps them better sort out their queries regarding their respective fields. It will also assist the students in gaining a perspective on what they want to achieve in life.